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OnDemand fulfillment solutions for e-Commerce entrepreneurs in Egypt. Your business size doesn't matter, we have the right solution for you!




Unmatched digital experience from finding a space to managing your daily orders

Cost Savings

Cost leadership in storage and fulfillment costs


Simple Tariff : flat monthly rate based on the number of your transactions


How to work with KHAZENLY?

You will work with us through our digital platform from your computer or mobile device in a few simple steps:

Our Prices

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Up to 10 bins

Up to 100 orders/month

Monthly Flat Rate
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Up to 40 bins

Up to 400 orders/month

Monthly Flat Rate
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Up to 90 bins

Up to 900 orders/month

Monthly Flat Rate
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Flexible allocation of bins and monthly orders

Monthly Flat Rate

Not sure how much space do you need?

What differentiates KHAZENLY?

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Flexible contracts fitting your business needs

No minimum number of orders

Minimum risk: market fluctuation friendly

Secure: Your goods are fully insured by default

Transparency: Clear & simple tariff charge with no hidden fees

Save your time and effort: A unique digital experience to manage your entire business with Khazenly 



Long-term contracts

Minimum commitment for storage space and/or number of orders

Market fluctuation is only your risk to manage

Insurance is a paid add-on

Complex pricing scheme, hard to predict your monthly expenses

Different experiences across different teams and departments.


We are launching a beta version of KHAZENLY platform pretty soon, join the beta program now


Do you have a storage space that you want to add to the KHAZENLY warehouse network? Understand the benefits